"Film Suez Slumber" 
A meteor / large rock falls on a custodian in a museum. When the paramedics arrive, they are more concerned with taking pictures/selfies, using photo filters, and talking about apps than helping the man in need of medical attention.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

No, no, no, no. Stay still. That's it. Breathe, breathe, and relax. We'll fix this together. What are you doing? Did you take a picture? 
Let me see! It's a good one. Ha ha. 
It's the filter. 
Which one? 
Oh, I see. 
Yes, it's good. 
Yes, and for landscapes? 
I generally use Valencia... 
Look, easy, easy. We'll be with you right away. 
Breath, breathe. Take a deep breath. 
I have an obsession with Juno. 
What are you doing? 
We're talking filters. 
Filters? What is this, 2016? Come on! 
Oh, okay. No filter? 
Stand there and I'll take a pic. You'll see. 
Take one of me here as if I'm working. Wait, let me hold you. 
Wait, take one as if I was lifting the rock all by myself. 
As if I was doing this, looking at him. 
Like that? 
Wait, wait, wait, wait. We're doing everything wrong. 
There's a man dying, and he's got a meteorite on top of him, and we're paramedics. This is a group photo... selfie! 
Of course. 
You're going to be in the picture too, huh? 
Over here? 
Shhh. Shhh. Shhhh. 
There, there, it's okay. Roll your eyes back. Show the white part. 
That's it. 
No, if you cough it will be blurred. 
Someone I know will get lots of likes. 
That's it. 
Nice. It's a good one, and look - no filter. 
Great picture. 
It came out nice. 
Guys, we are the worst paramedics in the world. 
We haven't created a WhatsApp group yet. 
You're right. 
I'll do it right away. I'll take care of it, and you know what? We'll add you. 
Wow, it's heavy! 
Of course it's heavy. Look at it. 
Tell me your name. 
Julio. There I got a match. 
Wow, I have three Julios. 
Just type Julio Meteorite. 
Julio, tell me, what is the Wi-Fi password here? 
Tiranosaurio (Tyranosaurio) with an "i"

Written Text

Wherever the world is heading, don't go there. 
At least for two hours. 
Come watch independent films. 
Film Suez

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