"Film Suez Tuna" 
This ad for the Film Suez film festival features two men stuck on some debris in the middle of the ocean. A can of tuna floats up on a piece of wood. They get excited, but then one of them wants to read the nutritional information before they eat it. After deciding it's not healthy, they put it back in the water.

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And personally, online banking never works for me. The passwords and all that. I always forget them. I lose them. 
I'd rather go to the bank in person. Period. 
Is that what I think it is? Is that food? 
It is food. 
It's tuna! It's tuna! 
I can't believe it! 
Wait, wait, wait. Wouldn't it be good to read the nutrition facts first? 
If we're going to put that into our bodies... how many carbs? 
Zero grams. 
Sugars, zero grams. 
Saturated fat? 
1.8 grams per 100 grams 
How many? 
That's good. Hold on - sodium? 
Sodium, 54. 
That's okay. It's not that much. 
Sodium causes fluid retention, but 54 grams is not bad. 
Hold on, hold on. In what ocean was this caught? 
What do you mean? 
It must say which ocean it was caught in. 
Pacific Ocean. 
No, no, no, no. 
No, no, no. 
The Pacific Ocean has really high levels of mercury. The World Health Organization doesn't recommend it. No, because mercury messes up your nervous system, kidneys, reproductive cells. If I were your nervous system, I wouldn't eat it. Honestly. 
So what should we do? 
I don't know. Wait for something more nutritious. What it in water or oil? 
Good. That's poison. We did the right thing.  
I'm hungry. 
Me too.

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Wherever the world is heading, don't go there. 
At least for two hours. 
Come watch independent films. 
Film Suez

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