See how the other half steals. 
Watch the official trailer for Steven Soderbergh's LOGAN LUCKY, in theaters this August. 
"LOGAN LUCKY | Official HD Trailer"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Jimmy, I'm just gonna say it. I gotta let you go. 
You were just fired. I was let go...for liability reasons involving insurance.  
The one-armed bartender! 
You need to show a little respect.  
Charlotte Motor Speedway. I know how they move the money.  
The only guy that knows anything about blowing up real bank vaults is Joe Bang.  
I am in-car-cer-a-ted.  
Yeah, we got a plan to get you out.  
The Coca-Cola 600 is the biggest race of the year.  
We need a computer whiz. 
I know everything there is to know about computers. OK? All the Twitters, I know 'em.  
Welcome to the Coca-Cola 600.  
Now how many yards away is the vault? 
20 yards. I don't know, maybe 30.  
Is it 20 or is it 30? We are dealing with science here! 
They gonna know what we want 'em to know. 
My life of crime is over.  
That is massively stupid! 
It's been handled.  
Oh, this is gonna be good.  
That looks like it hurt.  
I want everything on Jimmy Logan.  
I'm about to get nekked, so no peekin'. I said no peekin'! 
You Logans must be as simple minded as people say.  
Do people say that? 
Would you gimme my arm, please? 
Is it this one? 
(Lyrics) So run, run, run 
(Lyrics) Oh beautiful for spacious skies 
America, America 
(Lyrics) Stand back, stand back 
It's my freedom 
Ah, don't worry 'bout me, babe 
I got to be free, babe 
Doot do do do do doot doot 
Living in the U.S.A. 
Doot do do do do doot doot 
Living in the U.S.A. 
Living in the U.S.A. 
Living in the U.S.A. 
Stand back

Written Text

From The Director Of 
Ocean's 11 
Ocean's 12 
Ocean's 13 
Magic Mike 
2 Brothers 
3 Arms 
1 Incredible Plan 
This Summer 
Channing Tatum 
Adam Driver 
Seth MacFarlane 
Riley Keough 
Katie Holmes 
Katherine Waterston 
Sebastian Stan 
With Academy Award Winner 
Hilary Swank 
And Introducing  
Daniel Craig 
As Joe Bang!! 
Logan Lucky 

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