"iPad Pro — So many things to love — Apple" 
Real problems…answered. You could do everything you love, if your computer was the new iPad Pro. 
How does an emo girl feel about the new iPad Pro? She hates everything about it.

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I hate everything. 
Well, you're really gonna hate the new iPad Pro because can do pretty much with it. Like type. 
Hate it. 
Take notes. 
Hate it. 
Or even multi-task. 
Yeah, you can do all the things you hate. 

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georgie solis @yagirlgoergie Apr 6 - I hate everything 
Francois Pied 
Mr. Goldberg 
LNG 341 
5 June 2017 
Why I Hate Essays 
Like what even are words? They're just like lame old emojis that aren't even really trying. I can't even say something is "lit" without having to use three characters. Ugh. Gross. And they're all so blaah. Listen to this one "good." What the heck is that? "Good" sound like you're burping on purpose and politely. And what's so great about being "articulate"? That is like so ppppfffff. Like ew. Seriously. Gross. Stop. Just stop. Just no. Moreover, when I am most myself, I don't even use words. I use grunts, groans, sighs and meticulously crafted eye-rolls. My emotions are like way deeper than what can be expressed in a simple rearrangement of twenty-six dumb little letters. Words just... 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, I say a picture is worth a picture, and words... cause you don't have to read it, you just look at it and boom! You get it. 
So bored. 
This town is laaaaaame. 
Yup. Hate it. 
Let's go to the city. 
Gross, hate the city, but yeah, let's do it. 
Where should we go? 
How about here? 
Yeah, lots of restaurants there. 
Yeah I hate restaurants. 
Me too. 
So many things to love 
The new iPad Pro 

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