The calm within the storm. As the world becomes more connected, so does the new Audi range. With even more intuitive technology, like adaptive cruise control and self-learning personal route functions, it’s as if the new Audi Q5 has a brain. 
Likewise, with our revolutionary quattro on demand, the Q5 can switch between all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive in a fraction of a second - just by monitoring driving dynamics, road conditions and driver behaviour. This is Audi intelligent technology. 
"The new Audi TV advert: React"

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(Lyrics) I could wile away the hours 
Conferrin' with the flowers 
Consulting with the rain 
And my head I'd be scratchin' 
While my thoughts were busy hatchin' 
If I only had a brain

Written Text

Detecting Storm 
Quattro All-Wheel Drive 
Vehicle Detected 
Adaptive Cruise Control 
Automatically Maintaining Safe Distance And Speed 
40 Sign Recognition 
40 MPH 
Increase Speed: 27 MPH 
Audi Pre-Sense 
Pedestrian Detected Ahead 
Driver Warning 
Readying Brakes 
Tightening Front Seat Belts 
Hazard Cleared 
Increase 21° C 
Matrix Beam L.E.D. 
Adapting For Max Visibility 
Heavy Traffic Ahead 
Uneven Surface Detected 
Driver Select 
Comfort Mode Activated 
Suspension Adjusted 
Side Assist 
Detecting Hazard Approaching Blind Spot 
Slippery Surface Detected 
Alerting Audi Driver Network 
Road Report 
Incoming Call 
Call ID 
The Office 
It doesn't just drive. 
It thinks.  
Vorsprung durch Technik

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