#TrustYourself. It’s time. Let’s hear the point of view of the voices that inspired the all new XOXO Condom by Trojan—with Softouch latex, aloe-infused lubricant, a low latex odor. Now, with a sophisticated package, everyone can carry a condom in a whole new way. 
"The New XOXO Condom by Trojan. #Trustyourself."

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It's 2017. We're in the moment where everybody should look at themselves in the mirror and say, "I have the confidence to be who I want to be".  
Why should only men be able to buy condoms? It doesn't make any sense.  
Trust your instincts. 
Trust your inner voice.  
Take care of yourself and protect yourself.  
Trust yourself. 
Trust yourself.  
Trust yourself.  
The new XOXO condom by Trojan.

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