A new horror film from acclaimed filmmaker Trey Edward Shults. Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough, and Christopher Abbott star in IT COMES AT NIGHT. June 9th. 
"It Comes At Night | Official Trailer HD | A24"

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I just want to talk. And I want honest answers. Do you have any idea what's going on out there? I'm going to try and help you and your family.  
I want to thank you again for letting us stay here.  
I'm just gonna run through a few things. When we go out during the day, we like to stick groups, just for safety. The red door, it's the only way in and out of the house. It stays closed and locked all the time. I have the keys. This is the only set. The most important thing... 
What's he see? 
It's OK. Just go inside.  
...we never go out at night.  
The door was already open when you got there? 
Then who opened it? 
I think they're sick.  
Why's your mask on? Nobody's sick here.  
You can't trust anyone but family.  
You don't get it.  
How old are you, Travis? 
If they're sick, then I am too.  
If you're lying to me, I will kill you.

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This June 
It Comes At Night 
Coming Soon

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