Sometimes the moments that never happen, matter the most. Introducing the New Volvo XC60. The Future of Safety. 
"The New Volvo XC60 - Moments"

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Honey, you don't have to worry. Everyone's a little bit nervous on their first day of school.  
But I don't know what's going to happen.  
Yeah you do. You can decide. 
Bye, honey. 
So, I can decide? 
Yeah! You're in control. Imagine that. Go on, imagine it! 
Maybe I can make some new friends! 
OK. And what are their names? 
Um, Telly and Belly. I'm going to spend every lunchtime with them for the next a hundred years.  
Oh really? A hundred years is a long time.  
Well, at least as long as we can then. It will be hard, but we promise to call each other.  
And then? 
Then I'll study hard and focus on school. 
OK, then what happens? 
Then I'll travel the world. Do you want to come with me, mom? 
Oh, I don't think you'll be alone. I'm sure you'll meet somebody nice along the way.  
What do you mean? 
Nothing. Carry on.  
Then I'll get a job.  
Cool. If you are happy, I am happy.  
Then I meet someone.  
Hey, Jean, it's Natalie. 
You're late.  
I'm sorry.  
And I want a house. 
Of course. 
You're on your way to work right now? 
Like the one we have.  
And my own family.  
And my own daughter.  
Oh, that sounds good. And then what? 
Then I can... 
Well, that sounds like a good plan, don't you think? 
Yeah. Let's see what happens.

Written Text

Sometimes The Moments That Never Happen 
Matter The Most 
Made By Sweden 

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