During this project we met more than 100 awesome women in all ages. Here you can meet some of them. 
As one of norways leading pharmacists, Vitus seeks to help everyone feel comfortable in their own skin and meet whatever changes they may face in the future. After all, we are all living proof that the only thing constant is indeed change. This project set out to document just that: the development of the human skin through an entire lifetime. 
"Vitus - A lifetime in 60 seconds - Behind the scenes"

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When I was first asked to do the project, I was super excited, because it's, we're basically documenting a whole lifespan from birth until you're in the final stages of your life. One of the goals for this project is to sort of show how the human skin changes over a lifespan. So we're shooting everyone pretty much exactly the same way. And that way we will be able to sort of travel through the way skin develops over the years. We're not going to do retouching, We're not going to, we're gonna let people be what they are. I think it's a really refreshing take on showing the human body just the way it is. Because all people are beautiful, this is true, and I think we're going to document that in a really positive and nice way with this project  
I definitely think different about my skin now than when I was younger. I was really self-conscious about my skin and it meant a lot to me if I had one pimple or something, I would be like, Oh, I can't go out. I don't really care now if there's a pimple or two as long as it doesn't look like I'm very unhealthy with my skin. Looks bright and clean.  
Of course I'm conscious about it, and I'm conscious now because I'm older and I realize that the skin is more dry now. There is a huge demand on women to look younger than they are, and I can't see that they are more beautiful being younger. .They have another kind of beauty when they're getting older. And I like to look at a woman in that age because I can always, I can trust her experience and I know that she has a broader view on the world because she has been living for a much longer time.

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We gathered 100 women to document how the skin changes over a lifespan.  

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