Cheesy Bites Pizza: Enjoy 28 poppable cheese-filled bites baked right into the crust. 
"Cheesy Bites Pizza :30"

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Spider-Man isn't the only hero in town. Look! There's Pizza Man with Cheesy Bites pizza. 
And it's 28 poppable, cheese-filled bites baked into the crust. Spider-Man has Spidey sense. Pizza Man has Cheesy Bites pizza. He climbs walls. He climbs stairs. Spider-Man has superhuman strength. Pizza Man has, yup, that's super cheesy, crowd-pleasing Cheesy Bites Pizza! No one out pizzas The Hut. See Spider-Man: Homecoming in theaters July 7th.

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Cheesy Bites Pizza 
28 Poppable Bites 
No One Out Pizzas The Hut 
Pizza Hut 

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