"Up | Corona Light 2017" 
Sometimes the ride up to a party, becomes the party. And with Corona Light, the energy doesn’t have to come down. It’s the Light Cerveza with 99 calories. 
This ad shows two women in short, shiny dresses holding bottles of Corona Light getting on a glass elevator going up to the penthouse. They keep meeting people on their way up, and finally end up on the roof for a big party.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Cha cha cha 
Don't you know that I love you? 
Cha cha-cha cha cha 
Always thinking of ya

Written Text

Corona Light 
What goes up doesn't have to come down 
This is light cerveza (This is light beer) 
99 calorie Corona Light 
The light cerveza (The light beer)

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