Take a look at the new Vision Express TV advert starring Julie Walters CBE - a woman who has delighted many through her career on stage and screen. 
Look after your eyes and vision can last a lifetime. 
"Vision. Taken Seriously - Julie Walters CBE"

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I've always been inspired by what I see around me. Watching people has helped me create my characters. Some of whom I've seen take on a life of their own.  
Best film actress goes to Julie Walters, 'Educating Rita'! 
Has anyone got a carrier bag? Because I'm not going to... 
When you treasure everything you see, you never want to stop looking.  
Ready to order, madam? 
Look after your eyes and your vision can last a lifetime. Vision Express. Vision. Taken seriously.  
(Lyrics) We love to boogie, we love to boogie 
Jitterbug boogie, Bolan pretty boogie 
We love to boogie on a Saturday night 
You rattlesnake out with your tailfeathers high 
Jitterbug left and smile to the sky 
With your black velvet cape and your stovepipe hat 
We love to boogie, we love to boogie

Written Text

Vision Express 
Vision. Taken Seriously. 
Book Your Eye Test.

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