Critics have been talking down Kevin Durant his entire career, but there‚Äôs no argument that can change this fact: KD is now a world champion. #DebateThis 
"Debate This"

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Kevin Durant's too weak to be first pick. He's a skinny teenager who'll never make it in a man's league. 
He's soft! S-O-F-T, soft. 
He has got some offensive skills, but you have to play defense.  
In my opinion, he's just all hype.  
Man, he might drop 40, but he is not a real leader. 
He don't have that tenacity. He don't got that game.  
Scoring titles, great. MVP, big deal. 
Kevin Durant with sign with the Warriors.  
Oh, you got to be kidding me.  
Gravy train. 
That was the weakest move ever! 
Is that what you call loyalty? 
Durant our for 6 weeks. 
The finals begin tonight. 
Durant's ? whole 'nother level. 
And it's over! KD has his first NBA Championship! It's in the...

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Debate This 

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