'One Book For Peace' is an initiative by Interreligious Council in Bosnia & Herzegovina created with the help of renowned journalist Mirnes Kovac and two Theologians. It is an attempt to bring down prejudice and raise awareness of the importance of inter-religious dialogue.  
The book gathers teachings from the holy books of the Bible and the Quran, comparatively showing how similar messages from each are.  
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According to leading theologians, The Bible and The Quran have similar teachings. The interreligious council of Bosnia and Herzegovina wanted to bring these two religions closer. We created the One book. By bringing together both the teachings of The Bible and The Quran. The One Book has ten chapters to demonstrate how similar they are. Verses from The Bible and The Quran were printed next to each other, focusing on topics such as: One God, peace, love, hope, making it clear how similar the teachings are.  
The One Book was launched on a primetime show on Al Jazeera Balkans to spread the message of peace to the world.  
The book titled One is a challenge and invitation to jointly find a solution to complex religious and secular issues.  
The book was sent to influential leaders including Pope Francis and UN Chief Antonio Guterres. Through, you can order a physical copy, listen to the audio book or download the ebook. And join the conversation about how there's so much more that unites us than sets us apart.

Written Text

"I, I Am The Lord" 
"Blessed Are The Peacemakers" 
"Forgive And You Will Be Forgiven" 
"And Do Not Take Any Human Being's Life" 
Are These Words From The Quran Or The Bible? 
Hard To Tell, Isn't It? 
One God 

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