The perks of NescafĂ© Sweet & Creamy now include a coffee shop to hang out in. 
"Nescafé Coffee Taproom"

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With Nescafe Sweet and Creamy, it's easy to make a perfect cup of coffee at home. But for the times you still wanna hang out in a coffee shop, there's now the Nescafe Coffee Taproom.Use a Sweet and Creamy sachet to open the door. Grab a cup with your name misspelled on the side, just like you get in those other coffee shops. Use the hot water taps to make the perfect cup of creamy coffee whenever you want. There are no baristas named Frederico... 
Are you gonna buy anything? complicated menus, no expensive drinks and no man buns. Unless you have one, in which case, cool. Check out the Nescafe Coffee Taproom online or in person. And don't forget to bring a key.

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Coffee Taproom 
Scan A Sachet To Open The Door. 
Unlocking The Door Now 
Nescafe Coffee Taproom 
499 Queen St. W Toronto

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