First rule of motherhood, someone's always judging. What they don't know is that you've got this mom thing covered the best way... your way. So to all the moms out there, we see you and say, Mom On! 
"You’ve Got This, Mom On!"

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Oh, hey! It's me, mom. Out here in public. Catchin' some side eye. First rule of motherhood, someone's always judging.  
Breastfeeding didn't work out. Guess what? World's still turning.  
Go to work, I'm missing his childhood.  
Stay at home, I have no ambition.  
Yeah, I bribe my kids. How else you think stuff gets done around here? 
No, I'm not the Grandma. Do I look like her Grandma? 
Mom's special juice? It's wine! 
Yoga pants? Big fan.  
Too much? How do you think I got the name Mom in the first place? 
Now if you think that's shocking, check this out. Good old fashioned Yoplait. It's not made with cage-free Norwegian ?. And guess what? 
She loves it! 
Mom on!

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Do What Tastes Right 
Mom On 
Let's Come Together And Celebrate The Unique Ways We All Choose To #MomOn 
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