"iPhone 7 — The Archives — Apple" 
The Memories tab in the Photos app automatically creates beautiful movies out of the photos and videos in your camera roll in a matter of seconds. 
This ad from Apple features an old man working in a magical library. He pulls open an impossibly long drawer and pulls out a printed photo that has moving images. He puts it in an old leather notebook and then goes up an old elevator to pull a reel of movie film, grabs something else from under a glass display then carts everything he's picked out to a cutting room. He sets up an ink press an manually puts captions and words with some of the pictures. He carefully splices everything into a film reel (which itself has moving pictures even though it's not in a movie projector. When he's finally done he loads it into a projector to watch the finished product which is a home video montage of his children. 
We then see someone watching this video on their iPhone. A light comes on in the library and the old librarian starts creating a new movie for someone else. There's a magical archivist in your iPhone.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Papa, hola. 
No, no, no, no, no. 
Oh, my, love, my darling I've hungered for 
Your touch, a long lonely time 
I'll be coming home wait for me.

Written Text

Papa Hola 3/2/16 
Creating movie... 
Best of the Year 2016 
Movies made for you on iPhone 7 
Practically magic

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