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Purple Purse Allstate Foundation, and Allstate Commercial (2017)

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Plot / Description

You can't always see the signs of financial abuse. To help people take notice, we gave them a glimpse into a victim's life through a lost purse. "Allstate Foundation Purple Purse: Lost Purse"

Voiceover / Dialog / Script / Spoken Word

How's it going, man? Is this someone else's purple bag? Is this purse not yours? Oh my God. It's um...I think maybe a significant other? I don't know, but she's in some trouble. He's calling her a worthless bitch. Oh boy. I cancelled your card. Good luck paying for a lawyer when you have no money. Hello? Hi, um, I think you've found my purse. Can I ask you a huge favor? Um... It's just really imperative that I get my purse back. Is there any way that you can bring it here? Um... Oh, you're on Milwaukee? 1130 North Milwaukee. Maybe we can come by and stop it off to you? So, I can probably pop out and give it to her. I hope this person realizes the person they're with is a terrible, terrible person. Awesome. Thanks, man. Alright, thank you. I will be right back. Alright. Oh my God, you are so amazing. Everything OK? Is this your purse? Oh my God, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. You're welcome, you're welcome. Don't worry about it. I really don't want to invade your privacy, but are you OK?There's like some very strong text messages on there. Saw a lot of the texts that came through and I hope that everything is OK? Is there anything I can do to... No, no, no, no, no! Are you sure? As long as you're good. Have a good one. Thank you.

Written Text

The contents of a woman's purse can reveal a lot about her. 8:41 AM I barely touched u. You're overreacting. 10:19 AM Get your ass home NOW! 11:34 AM The longer u wait the worse it's gonna be. 99% of domestic violence cases include financial abuse. 10:21 AM How hard is it to stick to a fucking budget? 10:22 AM You're too stupid to manage money. 8:45 AM Just where do u think you're gonna live? 10:30 AM Let's see how far u get with no money and no job. 11:35 AM U have NOTHING without me! Finances are the #1 reason victims can't "just leave." If you knew someone needed help, would you know what to do? Get involved. Purple Purse Allstate Foundation Learn | Donate | Act