Vince Staples performs alongside a cast of random teenage actors in what many are calling the #coolest #crispest and most #refreshing #SummerSprite Cold Lyric Series promotion you’ll see all summer. Still not convinced? 
"Sprite | #WannaSprite | Vince Staples and Random Teenagers star in a #SummerSprite Commercial :30"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Cold lyrics by hot rappers here. Win a cool, crisp, refreshing lemon-lime summer Sprite. Hello, random teenager. Wanna Sprite? 
You're Vince Staples.  
You win.  
Sprite. So refreshing. 
OK, the promotional sign is up above. Read it carefully. We have enlarged product because product is important. Make sure they see that logo right there into the camera. Sprite! The commercial's over.

Written Text

6 Cold Lyrics By 6 Hot Rappers 
"You thirsty, please grab a Sprite" Vince Staples

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