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"IKEA - Lion Man - TV Advert 60” #WonderfulEveryday"

The living room is where we prepare for life. But sometimes the best preparation is to quite simply do nothing at all. Because in order to achieve great things, we need to fully recharge our minds and bodies. It’s then, and only then, that we’re ready spring to life. In this installment of the Wonderful Everyday campaign, we learn how to relax into greatness with a wild and wonderful creature who happens to spend most of its day at rest.

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Did you know that a lion spends more than 18 hours a day relaxing? But if you think they are lazy, think again. Because they're just waiting for the right moment. And when their minds and bodies are fully recharged, then and only then, it's time for action. Relax into greatness. Ikea. The Wonderful everyday.

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The Wonderful Everyday

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