This summer, we’ve been honoring those who protect our freedom to dream. So we delivered a life-changing scholarship to a family who has sacrificed for their country and for each other with the help of Folds of Honor and Adam Driver. #ThisBudsForYou 
Since 2011, we’ve awarded scholarships to more than 2,000 families of fallen or injured veterans through our partnership with Folds of Honor. And earlier this year, we honored another group of veterans with a surprise befitting their service: 
"Budweiser | A Dream Delivered | Folds of Honor"

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Dear Folds of Honor, my name is Hayley Grace Williams. I am 21 and studying to be a nurse because I have a calling to help people. A calling inspired by my father... 
Don't eat 'em. everyday hero, Army Veteran, John Williams.  
John? Come on back.  
Right before Desert Storm, my dad severely injured his back during a training exercise. 
That maintains the integrity of the spaces... 
His injury was so severe, today he has two steel rods and six screws fusing his spine together.  
Now I'm driving a bus part-time. To work a whole 8 hours, I'm in too much pain.  
Worse than the physical toll has been the emotional one. While his unit shipped off to war, my dad watched from a hospital room. To this day, he feels a sense of guilt. He feels as though he wasn't there for his buddies when they needed him. With our family's financial situation, the burden of paying for school is all on my shoulders. Right now I'm working 40 hours a week to pay the final year. But at a cost of nearly $44,000, affording my final year simply may not be possible. Receiving your scholarship would change my life and set me up to change the lives of Veterans like my father. I truly thank you for your consideration.  
Sincerely, Hayley Grace Williams.  
Hello? Hey, John? 
Hey, Adam. Nice to meet you. 
Same here! Wait a minute. 
Oh my gosh! You're Adam Driver! I'm in shock! I can't believe you're here! 
Wait, is he with you? 
Yeah, they sent me your letter. I was in the military, too. You were in the Army, right? 
Army, yeah.  
Right before Desert Storm, is that right? You injured yourself? Same. I was injured right before I was supposed to deploy to Iraq with my unit. I felt so...guilty that I really didn't get to finish my service. 
Probably the first person that ever said I understand, truly understood. 
And then now, you're in school now.  
And that's when you reached out to Folds of Honor, then they reached out to me. They told me to let you know that you got the scholarship.  
Oh my goodness. 
But also, Budweiser and I thought that you shouldn't have to worry about school, so Budweiser's gonna be covering your, all the remaining school expenses for the rest of next year.  
Oh my gosh. 
Oh boy. You don't have to worry about it anymore.  
Thank you. Your family's commitment to country is only matched by your commitment to each other. Your hard work, dedication and caring spirit exemplify what Folds of Honor and Budweiser stand for. That means everything. I'm shaking.  
Thank you. 
OK, here i come. I can't let you ... Congratulations. 
Thank you so much.  
Thank you.

Written Text

Adam Driver 
Veteran, USMC 
How Do You Honor Military Families? 
You Change Their Lives 
With your support, Hayley's dream was one of the many we were able to fulfill this summer 
Budweiser thanks all of those who helped provide life-changing scholarships for families of fallen and injured soldiers 
Budweiser | Folds of Honor 
This July 4th, Raise A Bud To Your Freedom To Dream

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