"Scavenger Hunt" 
The commercial shows two children on a scavenger hunt set up by their father (who is away from home). It starts with them seeing their first clue written on a ballon attached outside of their minivan (a Chevy Equinox). They search in the glove box which leads them to a suitcase in the trunk, which then leads them under the seat where some DVDs are hidden. The DVDs are for them to watch on a trip that they are getting ready to take in the car.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Look in the globe box. 
Suitcase? Huh? 
Where do gummy bears hide? 
Under the seat. Look! Yeah! 
The all new Chevy Equinox. 
Guess who? 
Enjoy the trip. 
Okay daddy. 
Consumer's Digest best buy, with up to 600 highyway miles on a tank of gas. It takes you farther and brings you closer.

Written Text

Look in the Glove Box (on balloon) 
Love Dad. 
Consumer's Digest best buy. 
600 hwy miles on a tank of gas. 
Chevy Equinox

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