Tune in this July to Channel 4 to watch the UEFA Women's Euro 2017. 
"UEFA Women's Euros 2017 | Coming This July on Channel 4"

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It's about to kick off. UEFA Women's Euro 2017. Coming this July to Channel 4.  
(Lyrics) You've got them all by the balls causin' waterfalls 
Flip flop, she bop, self-taught 
You look so hot 
Are you conceived, kids receive 
Crawling up her sleeve 
Close call, stand tall 
Doll, you make them feel so small 
And they love it 
The boys wanna be her 
The girls wanna be her 
The boys wanna be her 
The girls wanna be her

Written Text

On my way!!! 
Coming this July 
Women's Euro 2017 
Summer of Sport

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