The new ad campaign of Nature Valley is "Be A Powerful Force". This ad begins as a girl with long, dark hair stands in an open field, looking around at the beautiful natural space where she stands. As she takes in the scene, she pulls a Nature Valley granola bar from her pocket. As she eats, images of the power that nature holds flash on the screen - a thunderstorm that rolls in, rushing water at a waterfall, an avalanche, a geyser, volcanic eruption, crashing ocean waves. The girl, who has closed her eyes, opens them and begins running into the open field. The scenes switch from the young girl running, to a group of wild horses galloping through the field. The commercial ends with the young girl standing still as the wild horses run past her. Nature Valley. Be a powerful force.  
"Nature Valley "Be A Powerful Force" - Anthem :60"

Written Text

Be A Powerful Force 
Nature Valley

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