"The Turns We Take (Alt Ending 1) - Progressive Insurance Commercial"

A couple argues over getting the proper appreciation from each other in this spot that spoofs the classic daytime soap. Flo, dressed as a maid, tells them they can get the appreciation they both want with the Snapshot tool from Progressive. Soap legend Susan Lucci rounds out the spot with a shocking announcement.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm leaving you, Wesley.
But why?
You haven't noticed me in two years.
I was in a coma!
I still deserve appreciation.
Who was there for you when you had amnesia?
You know I can't remember that!
Stop this madness! If it's appreciation you want, you should both get snapshop from Progressive. It rewards good drivers with big discounts on car insurance.
I have also awoken from my coma.
It's called a nap, Susan Lucci.

Written Text
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