Get the summer fashion trends and styles for 2017 at JCPenney. Find affordable cute summer outfits with the latest summer fashion trends like brights and whites, floral, and more.  
"Shop Summer Fashion 2017: Trends and Styles | JCPenney"

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We see you, summer. And yeah, we're ready. Check out what's now trending. We've got brights and whites. Tops that totally pop. Shorts that snap. And outfits that really wow. Ladies, who doesn't want something cute? Starting Monday, come on in and stock up for summer. That's getting your penny's worth. JCPenney. 
(Lyrics) This color's sick, red on my lips 
? in overdrive 
Swingin' my hips, acrylic tips 
I'm going out tonight 
We steppin' free into the streets 
I know we caught your eye 
Breaking the night

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Now Trending 
Brights + Whites 
$8.99 Tees 
Tops That Pop 
$19.99 Tops 
Shorts That Snap 
$14.99 Plus Tops 
Outfits That Wow 
$29.99 Jeans 
Get Your Penney's Worth

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