"Nissan Navara - Stronger For Longer" 
This Australian advert starts with a herd of wildebeests running across the grasslands. A Nissan Navara truck pulls up beside the herd as a young boy in the passenger seat watches with a big smile on his face. They drive day and night over all kinds of terrain, and never need to stop for gas because of the fuel economy of the Navara.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Power with class-leading diesel fuel economy. 
Best holiday ever, dad. 
Nissan Navara - stronger for longer 
Hold on to me 
Don't let me go 
Who cares what they see? 
Who cares what they know? 
Your first name is Free 
Last name is Dom 
We choose to believe 
Are made of the same things 
Man's red flower 
It's in every living thing 
Mind, use your power 
Spirit, use your wings

Written Text

Nissan Navara 
Stronger for Longer 
Innovation that excites

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