Toney Jackson teaches fourth grade like no one else by using drawing and rap to create unforgettable lessons. Combining poetry, rap, and illustration he encourages each of his students to be a performer. See how adding Inking in Windows 10 to the mix will change the way he teaches. Windows 10 PCs do more. Just like you. 
"Teacher Toney Jackson Brings Creativity to the Classroom with Windows 10"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

When kids are coming into my classroom, they know that Mr. Jackson is the rapping teacher. 
They call it the remainder that's the number that remains. 
Technology is a huge piece of education. Using the pen for the first time on the Windows 10 PC is great. I'm able to highlight different rhyme schemes. I can actually see my lines when I'm shading in. I can change the weight. Drawing directly on my screen, I couldn't do this on my Mac. I can definitely see the future happening. I mean, I feel like the sky's the limit.

Written Text

Windows 10 PCs do more 
Just like you. 

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