Mikey Fresh, Senior Music Editor at Vibe, heads to New Orleans to follow up-and-coming artist Pell for the night, using his Galaxy S8 to capture the full story.  
"Samsung Galaxy S8: Music Gives Hearts Beats"

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So what does it mean to be a music reporter? For me, it means being at the right place with my S8, getting the right shot. Even if it's too dark. Follow the artists, you know, get a feel for the people that he surrounds himself with. And capture a story from every single angle, even in 360. Find out who inspires him, learn who his influences are, and get them any way you can, to find out more. Immerse yourself in his world and when the unexpected happens, have the right equipment to capture it in 4K. Go deeper. Find out what he loves, what makes him who he is and how he defines himself and his world. And then you take it all, everything you've learned, everything you've experienced, and you share it with the world. 
(Lyrics) I've been shining way too much, I should probably pack some shades 
My life look more like a movie and your life more SMH 
I don't do this for my health, man I do it for the play 
Wish I didn't have to eat but that free lunch a ways away 
Dudes be talking like we fam but we never can relate 
Don't ever play yourself 
Always just stay yourself 
I see what they can't see 
I be who they can't be 
If you feel that this your jam 
This your jam 
This your jam 
I see what they can't see 
I be who they can't be 
I've been on my own line 
If you feel that this your jam

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Galaxy S8 
Infinitely amazing 

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