"The all-new Volkswagen Tiguan “Nuts” Commercial" 
This ad features a couple driving down the road in their VW Tiguan when a nut falls on the windshield. A squirrel who was crawling across the power line above the road dropped it. He climbs down the nearest utility pole to get his acorn when a cat sees it and starts chasing it down the sidewalk. Then a large Bernese Mountain Dog sees the cat and begins his own chase. They all pass a police horse whose rider had stopped to get a hot dog, and the horse runs off after the other animals causing the cop to also have to join in on the chase. He runs right out in front of the couple in the Tiguan and the car's automatic braking kicks in to prevent the police officer from being hit.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The all-new Volkswagen Tiguan with available pedestrian monitoring. The new king of the concrete jungle.

Written Text

The all-new Volkswagen Tiguan with available pedestrian monitoring. 
VW Volkswagen

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