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Say Oui to yogurt made the way French girls like it, to be enjoyed the way French girls do. Say Oui to Oui by Yoplait. 
"The French Girl"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This is Melanie. She is French. Very French. She's not practical. There are more important things for her. She takes the long way because it is prettier. She is not on time, it is fine. Her lovers are called Jean-Jacques, Jean-Luc and Jean-Pierre. She likes the way Jean sounds in her ears. She does not eat quickly her yogurt, she focuses on it. Only. And the lovers will wait for her...until she is finished. Because enjoying things is important for the French girl. Oui. The new French-Style yogurt.

Written Text

French Style Yogurt 
by Yoplait 
Say Oui To Pleasure

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