Three brand ambassadors were selected to be in this campaign for Yves Saint Laurent's new Y fragrance for men, each of them coming from a different universe. Together, they perfectly embody Y and its message. 
Loyle Carner, 22 years old, is a rapper from the south of London. He started writing while a teenager, finding 
inspiration from East Coast hip-hop, jazz, pop, soul or gospel. 
Alexandre Robicquet, 25 years old, is a researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence. His first thesis, achieved 
at the sweet age of 21, earned him an academic scholarship at Stanford University. After being published in various medical revues, he created his first startup, Crossing Minds, focused on medical research. 
David Alexander Flinn is a sculptor. He started his artistic journey at 16 by painting graffiti in the streets of New 
"Yves Saint Laurent - Everything Starts With a Why"

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Yves Saint Laurent presents... 
Y. It makes everything possible. Why follow old paths when I can create new ones? Why have dreams if I can't fulfill them? Why is not a weakness, it's a strength. Why can break down walls. Why can build new worlds. And the more I ask why, the more I dare to become.  
Everything starts with a why. 
Y. The new fragrance. Yves Saint Laurent 
(Lyrics) The Lord will make a way 
The Lord will make a way 
The Lord will make a way 
The Lord will make a way 
The Lord will make a way 
And when I get in trouble 
The Lord will make a way 
Whenever I need Him 
The Lord will make a way 
Oh, I know the Lord

Written Text

Everything Starts With A Why 

The New Fragrance  
Yves Saint Laurent

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