A cat walks into the kitchen and sees a can of Friskies on the counter. The can opens itself and colorful lights fly around the room and turn into a floating "window". The cat jumps through into a crazy animated world with dancing turkeys. The cat moves past the turkeys and comes to the edge of a cliff when it can see floating windmills and flying cows. A flying sailboat shaped like a fish appears, and the cat gets in and takes it across the ocean as flying and dancing fish watch. The cat arrives at a beautiful palace full of dancing and drum/horn playing chickens and baby chicks where the red carpet is rolled out for the feline. The cat then jumps back through the "window" into the kitchen and eats the Friskies cat food.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What if one little POT could open a world of wonder? So sensory, so satifying, the discovery never seems to stop. A journey to delicious and beyond. Exciting your cat, day and night with endless enchantment, it's the magic Friskies makes happen every day in so many ways. Friskies, feed the senses.

Written Text

Feed the Senses

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