This commercial shows a man in a tent getting up in the middle of the night. He steps outside and we can see that he is sleepwalking in the middle of the savannah in Africa. He passes a leopard (or a cheeta) in a tree, bumps into an elephant (and ends up walking through a moving herd of elephants), and walks along a dangerous ridge/cliff with a waterfall in the background. He then steps into a boat and continues to walk and by the time he gets to the front of the boat he is on the other side of a river. Just before he steps off, a hippopotamus bites the boat in half, but the man is already safely across. He enters a village and steps into a hut. In the hut is a refridgerator. A snake on the fridge is getting ready to bite him, but he swings the door open so the snake is out of the way. He takes a Coke out of the refridgerator and then walks outside to sit down and enjoy his drink. He pets a hyena who is sitting next to him.

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Coca Cola 
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