"Rogue Sport: Level Up!" 
Life can be like a game. Win it with the brand-new Nissan Rogue Sport. 
This ad shows a guy at work when he gets an alert about his date. He grabs his key fob, leaves work, and heads down to the parking garage. His view of the world becomes like a video game Heads Up Display (HUD). He gets a vehicle selection screen and chooses a Nissan Rogue Sport and chooses the color he wants, and drives it out into the street. On the way to his date, there are pixelated power-ups in the road that he drives through. One is a dress shirt that causes his clothes to change. Next are some Mercury-winged shoes which opens a door/portal from the city into the country. He gets to a bar/restaurant with a bunch of bikers in the parking lot. They don't think he will be able to pull into the spot with all the bikes around, but some pixel eyes show up on the outside of the car and he can see all around the car from his monitor.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Yeah, right. Wow! 
Roll up in the brand new Nissan Rogue Sport. Take on today. 
I saw her, yeah I saw her with her black tongue tied 
Round the roses 
Fist pounding on a vending machine 
Toy diamond ring stuck on her finger 
Hey, my cyanide girl

Written Text

Calendar Alert: Date with Mia 
Brand New Nissan Rogue Sport 
Auto Emergency Breaking 
Around View Monitor 
All Wheel Drive 
Siri Eyes Free 
Nissan Intelligent Mobility 
Innovation that excites

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