KFC's Colonel Sanders is here to tell you about his favorite flavor: honey mustard BBQ Georgia Gold. Wait, no—maybe it’s Nashville Hot. It’s a very confusing time for the Colonel. 
"KFC | Georgia Gold or Nashville Hot?"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Howdy, folks. I'm here to tell you about KFC's Honey Mustard BBQ Georgia Gold.  
No! Tell 'em about Nashville Hot! 
Who said that? 
Nashville Hot! 
I will wash your mouth out with sweet, tangy chicken. 
Try it you Gold prude. 
Georgia Gold. 
Nashville Hot! 
Georgia Gold. 
Nashville Hot.  
Georgia Gold. 
Nashville Hot.  
What have I become?! 
Try both. Georgia Gold and Nashville Hot at KFC.

Written Text

Georgia Gold 
Honey Mustard 
Kentucky Fried Chicken 
Nashville Hot 
Spicy Smoky Crispy 
Georgia Gold  
Honey Mustard BBQ

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