Jalen teaches his mom's date two very important lessons. 
This commercial shows a man, Kyle, picking up a woman for a first date. She welcomes him inside, thanks him for the flowers, and introduces him to her little son, Jalen. She walks away to continue getting ready, and Kyle stares at her but as she leaves. The little boy notices this, and drops his video game controller. Kyle sits down and tries to talk to the boy about video games, and grabs for a chip from a bowl of Doritos. 
The little boy slaps him and tells him to put the Dorito back. He has two rules for this new guy Kyle: 
1) Keep your hands off my momma 
2) Keep your hands off my Doritos

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hi. Oh, thank you. 
Kyle, Jalen. Jalen, Kyle. 
Jalen, you play nice. 
Hey little man. I see you got your game skills down pat. You might have your hands full once I pick up the controller though. 
Put it back. Keep your hands off my moma. Keep your hands off my Doritos. 
Jalen, are you playing nice? 
Jaylen, Jaylin, Jalyn, Jalen, Jalin

Written Text

Doritos -

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