Join our badass babes club with the garms for fierce females who were born to turn heads and stand out. For all you queens that fix each other’s crowns. For the honeys with strong values who always got each other’s backs. We salute you. Spread the word on all things girl power in the boss babe pieces to rule the scene in. This season has no rules. Mix embroidery inspired from the Far East with urban cool sportswear styling. Make them talk in colour blocked brights and luxe satin party wear to be seen in after dark. For girls that look that feel the business that are all about those good vibes only. Because empowered women empower women. Ain’t nobody fresher than my clique. "Girl Gang | PrettyLittleThing" (Lyrics) If you try to shut us down We'll show you just how we get down Y'all never played fair, so tell my why now should we care? Queen Bey told y'all a long time ago that we run the atmosphere Did we build that? (Yeah) Do we own that? (Yeah) We even in the studios, running playback Shout out to Ann Mincieli, the young God To all the G's like us, yeah, we go hard See, this is how it feel to be a champion We might fall down, but we never run You wouldn't either if you knew what we overcome Do you know all the shit we gotta overcome? But that ain't stopping nothing

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