60 Second NFL/New Era Cap commercial we produced and directed for New Era Cap, featuring music by Mike Will Made It and Pharrell, as well as 2016 Defensive MVP Khalil Mack, 2016 Rookie of the Year Dak Prescott, NFL leading rusher Le'Veon Bell, All Pro Greg Olsen and Sterling Sheppard. "NFL And New Era Cap :60 TV Commercial" (Lyrics) Hold up, to be clear , yeah (Mike Will Made-It) I believe in miracles (yeah) But I don't believe in waiting for 'em (nah) You gotta make that [shit] happen (yeah) Just be that with the bag So when they say: "who is that?" Just be with the bag They be like: "who that rolling past?" Just be with the bag YuGo, YuGo, YuGo That Yugo, Yugo, Yugo That Yugo, Yugo, Yugo That Yugo, Yugo, Yugo Let this motivate ya Turn you up Make you ravenous You know they gon' try and curve you You know they hate you Don't let the burn you up Use it as fuel Then you go, you go, you go (Yugo, yugo, yugo) Then yugo, yugo, yugo (you go, you go, you go) Then yugo, yugo, yugo Embrace The Season NFL | New Era The Official Cap of NFL Sidelines

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