The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the ultimate travel companion. Listen to Ozzy Man Reviews explain why. "Samsung Galaxy S8 | The Ultimate Travel Companion" If you wanna be a world's traveler, start by...whoa! Is that a Galaxy S8 with Bixby? Handsome screen! Anyway, you wanna pack that, your passport and...whoa, OK, we're on the move! To get around a new city, take the bus. Oh yeah, the Tuk-Tuk's a way better idea. You gotta invest in a tour guide. Nah, apparently you don't. Don't forget your big camera. Or that, fine will do a cracker job. Now, traveling by yourself can be lame. And look at you! You've got a of new friends! Ooh! Llamas! You gotta love a llama! Buying a new shirt can be difficult if you don't know the language. No, actually, don't panic. Bixby can help you with the Spanish. Good on you, Bixby! Hold up, is that a King? Who are all those people? Oh, split screen! Now that is pure class. OK, now yeah, OK, you've got the world traveler thing totally covered. Oh, that's a nice offer. Yeah, I like that! So, (Lyrics) Yo caí, me paré, caminé, me subí Me fuí contra la corriente y también me perdí Fracasé, me encontré, lo viví y aprendí Cuando te pegas fuerte más profundo es el beat, sí Sigo bailando y escribiendo mis letras Sigo cantando con las puertas abiertas Atravesando por todas estas tierras Y no hay que viajar tanto pa' encontrar la respuesta Y no te preocupes si no te aprueban Cuando te critiquen tu solo di: Soy yo! Soy yo! Soy yo! (Soy, soy, soy...) Soy yo! (Yo, yo, yo...) Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ | Gear VR with Controller Buy a Galaxy S8 or S8+ and claim a Gear VR with Controller Samsung

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