"Great Guns - Harry Dean Stanton Tribute - Guess Cheat (1996)" Great Guns pays tribute to legendary actor, Harry Dean Stanton, who passed last Saturday, by sharing unscreened footage of the star. Upon hearing the sad news, the production company uncovered a hitherto unscreened five-minute version of the 1996 Guess ‘Cheat’ TVC from their archives. Starring Stanton, Juliette Lewis, Traci Lords, and Peter Horton, ‘Cheat’ won over 84 global awards, including four D&AD pencils. Stanton flexes his trademark hangdog charm in the spot, playing a private investigator who stops at nothing to trap his prey. Lewis plays his beautiful, Guess-clad decoy. Refreshing for its time, the 90” version of ‘Cheat’ (written by current CCO of Ogilvy Memac, Paul Shearer, and his then partner Rob Jack) plays out like a sleek, branded content film and is largely credited as being one of the first pieces of ‘advertainment’. When Guess’ ECD and Founder Paul Marciano saw the first cut, he requested that all of the branded product shots be removed, claiming they spoiled the film. Actress: Juliette Lewis Miles Archer, private investigator. Yeah. Well, uh, what's your name? I need to know that he's going to be faithful. It's a matter of trust. My god, I don't know about this. Hey, it's okay. It's the normal reaction. You gotta find out. You're right. That a girl. You know an awful lot of people don't like what I do, but let's not mistake me for someone who gives a shit. I mean, if your guy's gonna drop his pants at the drop of a hat, you're wanna know, right? Right. So what do you have for me today? I have a kid, they want to get married. She wants him checked out first. Smart girl. Uh huh. He's got it all. Looks, money, and likes blondes. Mr. Fucking America. That's right. You think you can handle it? Oh, I think so. Sure it's entrapment. My girls look great and they know how to dress, and they know how to talk to men. So are you in love with anybody? Are you married? I'm sorry, are you picking me up? So you like blondes? What's your name again? Oh yeah, I'm a match you want. You shouldn't do that. I'm gonna get in trouble. You vein creature. Hello. No, that's too much. Uh, let's try it without the wig. Fine. Okay? I'm okay. Are you okay? Ready, Freddy. I'll be right here. Okay. Hi. Goodbye. I really love him. I've got to know. Same. You alone. I'm always alone. You mind if I join you? I don't know. It looks like you already have. Perfect. So, do you have someone special in your life? Yeah, my kid. Are you married? No. What can I tell you about relationships? They don't work out. Bingo! Cheater. I'm sorry. See you Tuesday? I'm sorry Mrs. ? It happens to the best of us. I'm truly sorry. It's too bad. (Lyrics) Just let my Try not to care (Lyrics) In the beginning, you were so brutal You turned the heat on in the afternoon Get so excited, get so addicted You had me eating from your golden spoon Now I don't wanna spoil the party I know it goes against the grain As the plane touched down I got movies of you Running through my fevered brain I really love my sweet thing, I can't give her up Cheat?

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