The commercial begins with guests at a wedding, waiting for the entrance of the beautiful bride. The mothers of the bride and groom look up the aisle and gasp with delight at the beauty of the bride, entering the outdoor venue with her father. The odd sound of crunching wood is heard just before the camera pans to the bride and her father. Instead of walking her down the aisle, the father is driving his daughter down the aisle in his Certified Pre-Owned BMW, crushing the wooden chairs set up for the guests as he drives. As the father reaches the alter where the groom is waiting, the bride emerges from the BMW, and the father takes a moment to admire his daughter, before putting the car into reverse and backing away. You'll never want to stop driving in a Certified Pre-Owned BMW. "BMW Certified Pre-Owned: Wedding" Oh! My beautiful baby. My little girl. You'll never want to stop driving. Certified Pre-Owned by BMW Unlimited Mileage Warranty BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine

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