The visionary film maker Baz Luhrmann has created a unique and spectacular cinematic short film exclusively for ERDEM x H&M. “The Secret Life of Flowers” is set in a grand country mansion with a full cast of actors and models. 
"ERDEM x H&M – “The Secret Life of Flowers” campaign film by Baz Luhrmann"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

My family have no idea where I am. Or with who.  
Neither do you.  
Welcome to Reddham Gardens, where it's always spring.  
Normality is but a paved road. Comfortable to walk, yes, but no flowers grow on it.  
Come on! There's someone I want you to meet. 
As for myself, I hold no preference amongst flowers, as long as they are wild, free and spontaneous.  
But nothing at Reddham Gardens was what it seemed. For that night, amidst the young, the celebrated and the beautiful, I had to wonder, would I become the next flower in Lady Demare's garden? 
What about you, young man? What form do your pleasures take? 
Sister. Adam! 
Such a lot of temptation, isn't it? 
If only it could be like this always. Always spring.  
(Lyrics) I just want to look at you 
My heart has been hypnotised 
I know a place where it's always so perfect  
And the boy says, baby, I'm leaving this all for you 
Oh, just want to love you 
My heart has been hypnotised 
And every colour comes to life 
Its petals fall before your eyes 
You kiss me and I'm hypnotised 
Flowers bloom with no regret

Written Text

Erdem X H&M 
A Film By 
Baz Luhrmann 
In Selected Stores & Online 
2 November 2017 

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