Opel - Pay With Views

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In the online world, views are King. Brands pay a lot of money to get them. So for the introduction of the Opel Online Edition, Opel's most connected car ever, we turned YouTube views into a currency. Make a video of your test drive in one of the Online Edition, and use your views to buy a brand new Opel. So pay for an Opel. So pay for an Online Edition with less than 600,000 views. Or drive off in an Opel Astra Online Edition for about 900,000 views. YouTube went creative. Hundreds of films were uploaded and heavily promoted in the battle for views. It even started a conversation on the future of payment. And now, the world's first cars sold by YouTube views is a fact. Sold.

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n The Online World Views Are King For The Introduction Of Opel's Online Edition Opel Introduces Pay With Views Make A Video Of Your Testdrive In An Online Edition Now Only 589.900 Views Now Only 922.800 Views YouTube "This Is A World's First" Metro "Is This The Future Of Payment?" Sold Pay With Views

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