Yes, we’re actually doing this. You can get a White Christmas. To your door. For absolutely nothing. Just another one of our Big Gifts at Small Prices. Find a rather exclusive snow globe in store or online at from November 17th and we’ll come and cover your home in real snow. 
"TK Maxx ‘A White Christmas’ Advert 2017"

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Granddad here, popped in to TK Maxx and picked up a bunch of fabulous gifts for this lot. Lucky gramps even found this snow globe, which means she gets this. That's right. We're delivering actual snow to front doors for free! Find a rather exclusive snow globe in store or online to get a white Christmas to your door for absolutely nothing. So much silliness. It's just another one of TK Maxx's big gifts at small prices. It's ridiculous. 
(Lyrics) Oh oh it's' Christmas 
Oh oh oh it's Christmas 
You know 
Didn't believe we'd get snow

Written Text

A White Christmas 
This Could Be You 
T.K. Maxx 
Big gifts 
Small prices 
Ridiculous Possibilities 
Bag a White Christmas in store & online from Nov 17th.

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