The 2017 Sainsbury's Christmas advert squeezes every bit of Christmas into a wonderfully fun and festive song, sung by people all over Britain. 
"Sainsbury's OFFICIAL Christmas Advert 2017 #everybitofChristmas"

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(Lyrics) Every bit of  
Decorations in an old shoe box 
Another pair of novelty socks 
Last mince pie, I'm taking that 
Big head ripping through paper hats 
Somehow there's chocolate for breakfast 
Work out what Santa's address is 
Snooze on the sofa 
Classics on the telly 
Cheese, cheese, more cheese 
Mmm...that's smelly! 
Buying dad's gifts 
Tricky mate 
Every bit of this 
Lost the end of the sticky tape 
Every bit of this 
Nibbles weighing down my paper plate 
Every bit of this 
Both the in-laws staying late 
Every bit of 
Mistletoe, parents snogging, why satsumas in the stocking 
Cracker jokes, baby screams over speeches by the Queen 
You bring the pigs and I'll bring the blankets 
I love charades 
I'm just bad at the hand bits 
Best time for showing off terrible jumpers 
No one does roasties in goose fat like Mum does 
Hundredth time that we've had this playlist 
The family's sing-a-long's not the greatest 
Need some more pud'n'custard now 
Just to rid the taste of all the Brussels Sprouts 
Perfect festive movie 
Every bit of this 
Random family, who's he? 
Every bit of this 
Till the tree's gone droopy 
Every bit of 
Every bit of 

Written Text

Every bit of Christmas 
is living well 
live well for less

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