Our Debenhams Christmas TV advert 2017 is revealed...will they find their fairytale Christmas? #YouShall 
"#YouShall Find Your Fairytale Christmas Part 2 | Debenhams Christmas TV Ad 2017"

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Let me tell you a story about a boy and girl who met on a snowy Christmas evening. The girl in question was lovely, if a bit clumsy. Charming, the boy would've said. And just when he wanted to ask her name... 
This is me. 
...well, that was only the beginning of their story. After they lost each other, the boy and the girl did what boys and girls do nowadays. People were keen to help. Well, most of them. It seemed only a matter of time before they'e be reunited. Oh no. The media even picked up on it. But like all good love stories, it was never going to be that simple. And just when all seemed lost, fate decided to step in. As for happily ever after? Well, who knows?

Written Text

How Romantic 
Let's do this 
You shoe thief #NoPrinceCharming 
Still missing? 
You Shall 
Find Your Fairytale Christmas 

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