Meet Dewey Ryder. He’s the new Dale Jr. The new model. The upgrade, if you will.  
"Dewey Ryder | Mountain Dew"

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All right, this is the big moment, OK? This is very emotional so there could be tears. Get my good side. Junior! What's up, what's up, what's up? 
Do I know you? 
Dewey Ryder, guys. I'm Dewey Ryder. I know this is probably super bittersweet for you, uh, but I brought my camera crew here in the hopes that we could capture a little passing of the torch moment here between you and I? Oh, nobody told you? 
Oh, this is awkward. I'm the new you! I'm the guy that Mountain Dew's been looking for! You know, I'm gonna be driving race cars super fast in circles. Hobnobbing. Endorsementing. Riding wild, Mountain Dew all the time.  
In that? 
Yeah! Yeah. 
Nobody races in shorts.  
Uh, well, Dewey Ryder races in shorts because Dewey Ryder does not like to get super sweaty. These are ladies stockings, but they also work as men's sleeves.  
Doesn't give you a lot of fire protection.  
Who's catching on fire? Not me. Ooh, what's this? A blade to keep nerds from sleeping on the back of the car? Ew, gross. We're gonna have to replace these shoes STAT because these things are super bald. So, that's not gonna work. 
No, they're brand new probably.  
All right, so, driver to driver, what are we thinking here? Can you get this thing up to 60 MPHs? 
Actually, they run about 205, 210. That's when you mash the gas, man. Make it go. 
Mash the gas? 
Mash the gas. Make it go. 
I'm gonna mash the gas tonight. So, where is the trunk space, like, where do you put your luggage and all the things that you might need 
You don't carry luggage in a race car. Where are you going? 
I don't know. You never know what's gonna happen. I like to be prepared. What's this right here? Is this the thing that makes it go Turbo fast? 
Hey, hey. No! Stop it. 
That one? 
Which one does the, like, oil slicks to let the bad guys spin out behind you? 
Have you ever drove a race car before? 
Well, I mean, technically I haven't, but I have a stunt double. Leon! My man! This guy's very impressive. Very good. Why don't you go ahead and pop a backflip. See? I did that. 
How's that gonna help you on the track? 
We'll see. Hey, buddy, I'm gonna go ahead and need those keys now.  
There's no keys to a stock car.  
Oh, keyless entry. OK. Impressive. Well we'll go ahead and keep that feature 'cause I like that. I always lose my keys. I'll take this. 
I got it. I got, it's OK. Let go. Let go. 
It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. You just go on. Go ahead and clear frame.  
Exit frame, Dale.  
Is he crying? 
No, he's not crying.  
Just go ahead in closer. Are you sure he's not crying. 
Want me to poke him in the eyes? 
This is weird.  
(Lyrics) Nothing can stop me 
I'm all the way up 
All the way up 
All the way up 
All the way up 
I'm all the way up

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Do The Dew 
Mtn Dew

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