"McDonald's Christmas Carrot Stick UK TV Commercial"

Leo Burnett has created a Christmas campaign for McDonald’s focused around the anticipation and excitement of Christmas, with work that builds on the magic in the air as everyone prepares for the big day.

The creative is delivered through the lens of one little girl’s excitement for the arrival of Father Christmas’s reindeer, as McDonald’s helps to get the UK #ReindeerReady.

A 90” film tells the young girl’s story as she decides to take her last carrot stick home for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. She carries it very carefully through the hustle and bustle of Christmas-time on the high street, much to the admiration of her dad, who we realise will do anything to help her out on her mission.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Are you going to eat that?
It's for the reindeer.
It's for the reindeer.
Hey, guys!
Mommy, look!
It's for the reindeer!
Oh, that's so thoughtful. They'll love that.
You know there's more than one, right?
Hi, could we please get a bag of carrot sticks? For the reindeer. And a cheeseburger, for Father Christmas.
Daddy! Father Christmas only eats mince pies!
Just the carrot sticks then, please.

Written Text


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