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The holidays are coming! Target’s Bullseye and his friends Eva and Carlos team up with Legos, Barbie, the Star Wars crew and many more to turn this unloved house in the perfect home for the holidays. 
"A Home for the Holidays | Target Holiday 2017"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Is this it? 
It's go time. 
Sir. The kids need you. 
Later, lobster. 
Let's go! 
Thanks for coming, everyone. We found this special house. 
For a super special family.  
Uh...where's the special part? 
That's where you all come in.  
Here's where I see a big tree. 
And a closet filled with holiday outfits.  
Dream houses do come true! 
Think they'll like it? 
Yeah. They're gonna love it.

Written Text

together's the joy

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